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Rider Service Agreement

Your Contract with MUVE

Your use of the MUVE platform and its services constitutes a legally binding agreement to these terms. You may not use the services if you do not agree with these terms. You agree that MUVE, at its discretion, may terminate and/or deny you access to the services at any time. MUVE may amend these terms at any time and your continued use of the service after the amendment will constitute as consent.
The MUVE Platform and Services

The services are provided to you through the use of MUVE’s websites and applications for riders to schedule, arrange and match with drivers providing transportation services. Drivers and riders may create accounts, which will enable them access to the MUVE platform. The services are strictly for your personal use unless otherwise agreed to in a separate contract with MUVE.

The users’ (drivers and riders) decision to offer or accept transportation services by other users shall constitute as a separate agreement between the parties. You understand and agree that MUVE does not provide the services and that the provision of all services are provided by independent third party contractors. These independent third-party contractors are not hired or employed by MUVE.

License. MUVE grants you limited, non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, revocable and non-transferrable license to use the MUVE platform and services and the contents made available to you through the services for non-commercial use.


Regarding your license, you shall not allow any other party to; license; sublicense; sell; resell; transfer; assign; distribute or otherwise provide or make available to any other party the MUVE Services or Rider App in any way. You shall not modify the MUVE Services or Rider App. Improperly obtaining data from the MUVE Services or Rider App is also prohibited. You shall not allow any unauthorised parties access to the MUVE Services or Rider App with the purpose to design or develop a competitive or substantially similar product or service.

Other Services and Contents. Your access to the service may be made available via other services and parties not under MUVE’s control. These third-party services may include advertisements and other promotions.

Intellectual Properties. The use of this service will not grant you ownership rights to the services, except for the limited license above. The MUVE name, logos, products, services and trademarks shall remain the property of MUVE and/or its respective licensors.

Travelling with Animals

The driver has the right to refuse any animal entry into the vehicle which is not an assistance animal. Assistance animals are permitted at all times. Refusal of a passenger who is accompanied by an assistance animal is illegal under Queensland Law. (Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Regulation 2005, c. 129. Available at

Using MUVE

User Accounts and Profiles. Users must be over the age of 16 to create an account and use the service. Persons of under 16 years of age may not use the services unless under the supervision of a person over the age of 16. You will be required to submit personal information such as your name, mobile phone number, email address, home address and payment information. Users will only be permitted one account and having multiple accounts is prohibited. It is the user’s sole responsibility to maintain accurate and current information in their profiles, as well as the secrecy of their logins and credentials. You agree that inaccurate information such as invalid payment details may result in restricted access to the MUVE platform.


You agree that the MUVE services may send you text messages relating to your usage of the services. You may opt-out of receiving these text messages by submitting a request to the customer care team. You agree that opting out of receiving text messages may restrict your access to the services.


Promotional codes, account credits and other user benefits are created at the discretion of MUVE and/or other third parties. Promo codes must only be used by the intended audience and may not be duplicated, sold or transferred to other parties unless permitted by MUVE. At its discretion and under no liability, MUVE may modify the expiry date, terminate and/or disable promo codes at any time and for any reason. MUVE reserves the right to suspend or terminate the benefits obtained via promo codes if it deems the way in which the benefits were redeemed is in violation of these terms.

Contents Provided by You

Through the use of the MUVE services, users may submit, upload and publish contents that will be made available to MUVE. These contents will remain the property of the users. You agree that by providing these contents to MUVE, you grant MUVE the rights to use, sublicense and publicly distribute without your consent and compensations to you. You also agree not to submit, upload and publish contents that will infringe or violate a third party’s intellectual properties. You will not provide contents that are offensive and you agree that MUVE is not obligated to review any contents submitted by you.

Mobile Internet and Devices.

An internet connection and a compatible mobile device are required to use the MUVE platform. You understand that, in order to use the services, you must provide your own mobile device and internet connection, and that the service may be impacted if there are issues with your internet connection. You agree that it is your responsibility to have a compatible device, in addition, MUVE will not be held liable for any overage charges arising from the usage of the services.
Charges and Payments

We, Austral World Pty Ltd trading as MUVE [ABN 73 616 685 137] of 433 Logan Road, Greenslopes, Qld 4120 take full responsibility for all payments made via our platform.  This responsibility includes refunds, chargebacks, cancellations and dispute resolution.
In the event that a dispute is raised, we will offer the first line of support and will refund the rider if deemed appropriate.
As we are responsible for all payments, in an event a Rider submits a chargeback we will respond to the credit card networks on behalf of the Rider. The Rider agrees to provide any requested information to us and we reserve the right to recoup any outlays associated with the Riders chargebacks.
If you have any problems with your fare you can contact our customer care team on 07 3155 0099 or send us an email on

Fare Prices

In using the service, you agree that MUVE may charge you for the services that were provided by the driver and that charges may have other fees such as tolls and surcharges. These additional charges will form part of the fare price. You also agree that MUVE reserves the rights to modify the surcharge.

You understand that MUVE reserves the right to modify the pricing at any time without your consent or knowledge and that you are responsible for the charges incurred when using the platform.

For riders, the estimated fare price is the amount calculated at the time you make the request for services. You understand that this amount is only an estimate, and it is subjected to changes. MUVE uses time and distance traveled obtained via the Driver’s App and the Rider’s App. For more information on how MUVE manages this information, you may refer to the respective privacy statements.

The Muve system will accurately calculate and provide you with an estimate of your fair from your pick-up destination to your desired drop off destination. Once you approve the specified fare, the system will “Hold” the fare amount from your account until the end of your ride.

Once your ride is completed you authorize muve to deducted the amount from your account.

If for any reason you chose to deviate from the initially specified route, Muve reserves the right to bill you for the second time and deduct the difference of the cost incurred for excess mileage from your account.

This will also result in an additional cost to the payment gateway which you the rider agree to pay.

You agree that you will be liable for a cancellation charge if you request for your booking to be canceled prior to the driver’s arrival. This fee will be wholly remitted to the driver.

In the event that your chosen payment method is declined, the MUVE app will notify you after the trip has been completed. Muve will try to recover payment through multiple attempts from your chosen method of payment. MUVE will then notify you via text message and email after 24 hours has passed, to request payment for the outstanding amount. You understand that your use and access to the services will be restricted if there is an outstanding amount on your account and that in order to regain access to the services, the outstanding amount must be settled. You agree that MUVE reserves the right to start the debt collection process after 14 days have passed from when you received the first notification email/text message.

Damage & Cleaning Fees

You understand that you shall be responsible to pay for the replacement, repair and cleaning of the properties that are damaged by you in using the services. The amount will be charged to your primary payment method as provided by you in your account. In calculating the amount to be charged to the rider, MUVE, at its discretion, may investigate and request documents regarding the damaged properties. Cleaning fees will be charged according to the extent of cleaning required. A standard fee will apply for cleaning according to the severity as stated below. All damage and cleaning fees will be paid in full to the driver.
(a) Simple cleaning and vacumming ( e.g. small messes , food or drink spills ) is charged $25.
(b) Vomit or spills on the exterior of a vehicle are charged $40.
(c) Vomit and larger food or drink spill on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces inside a vehicle are charged $80.
(d) Significant amounts of bodily fluids (e.g. urine, blood or vomit ) on the vehicle's interior or messes that require severe cleaning are charged $150.


The services will be provided ‘as is’, without warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. MUVE do not guarantee the platform’s reliability, timeliness, availability and suitability of the services. MUVE also does not guarantee that the services provided will be uninterrupted, accurate or error-free. MUVE disclaim any implied warranties, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
Limitation of Liability

MUVE shall not be liable for any conduct of any users. MUVE disclaims any liability arising from interactions between users. You agree not to hold MUVE liable for any damages including loss of income, loss of personal data, personal and property damage. You also agree not to hold MUVE liable for any damages caused by unauthorised access to your account. You understand that your personal information may be accessible by other users through the use of the MUVE platform, such as profile picture and name). MUVE will not be held liable for any damages arising from the misuse of such information. MUVE disclaim all liability for the acts and omissions by other users. You understand that materials and information regarding the MUVE platform made by third parties should not be relied upon. MUVE disclaims all liability for any damages resulting from the reliance of such information.

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold MUVE including its affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, successors and assigns, and its officers, directors, employees, agents and shareholders harmless from any claims, actions, suits, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses relating to or arising from your use of the MUVE platform and services, including:

Your breach and/or violation of this agreement;
 i. Your interaction resulting in a violation of any law or violation of the rights of any third parties;
 ii. Any submission to MUVE of any materials and contents made by you that infringe or violate the intellectual properties of third parties; and
iii. Any other activities in relation to the MUVE platform.
Governing Laws

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia. Associated parties will irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Queensland.

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