Helping Others with Muve Rideshare

The more you ride, the more we give

The first 10% of our share of the fare goes to a partner "Not For Profit" organisation that is working on making a significant impact in one of the causes our riders support.

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The story begins with you

Every muvement starts with an idea and every idea starts with a problem. The value created in a sharing economy is created by all of its participants, the technology platform, drivers, riders and the community as a whole. As technology platforms grow bigger, they have moved away from the basic principles of a true sharing economy such as fairness and solidarity. Muve is the attempt to reimagine how value can be created in a sharing economy by focusing on giving more to its value creators; our drivers, our riders and our community. This is why we allocate the first 10% of our share of the fare, towards a cause backed by our riders. Through empowering our partner NFPs, together we can make more impact in those causes that matter to our riders.

We’re just getting started but we’re excited to muve forward together. If you're an NFP, please get in touch with us to discuss how you might want to partner with us.

  • Poverty and Inequality

    Supporting organisations that are fighting poverty, empowering young people , giving access to education and ending inequality.

    We are proud to announce that we are partnered with the Oaktree Foundation for this cause.

    Oaktree is Australia’s largest youth-run organization that works to bring an end to extreme poverty. With over 250,000 supporters of all ages, Oaktree strives to realize this goal through empowering young people with the education and training necessary to become agents of change through community-driven campaigns. Oaktree provides further aid to countries in need through the Asia Pacific region. Oaktree believes that change starts with a simple belief: that poverty and injustice are unacceptable.

    While working with Oaktree, muve generously supports:

    1. Providing young people living in Asia Pacific with quality education.
    2. Building the capacity of young people in Australia for the modern workforce and to create change.
    3. Meaningfully engaging young people in leading and creating a more just world.

    With a significant portion of Oaktree’s 250,000+ supporters being under 35 years old, and muve’s riders being under 45 years old, this partnership will be of shared value to both organisations and will be able to create a lasting impact.

    With contributions from muve, Oaktree will be able to further grow and scale its impact across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. With contributions from muve, Oaktree will be able to further grow and scale its impact across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

  • Health

    Supporting organisations that are working on advancing health, preventing and relieving sickness, disease or human suffering in communities in need.

  • Environment and Animal Welfare

    Supporting organisations that are fighting to save the planet and the natural environment including preventing and relieving the suffering of animals.

    We are proud to announce that we are partnered with the Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated for this cause.

    Australian Animal Rescue Incorporated (AAR) is a non-profit, volunteer run, non-government organization established in April 2009 after bush fires devastated the Gippsland, Kinglake and Marysville areas of Victoria.

    AAR differs from other rescue groups by specializing not only in wildlife animals, but also domestic animal rescues. AAR also provides assistance to other shelters and disaster relief by doing fundraising throughout Melbourne and Queensland.

    The main aims of AAR are as follows

    1. To provide direct care, sanctuary, veterinary care, triage, a wild life hospital and other services, as well as, long and short-term care for all animals in need of protection - including those animals which are sick, injured, stray, orphaned, abandoned, neglected or which have suffered from mistreatment or cruelty.
    2. To aid in the recovery of sick or injured native wildlife and all other animals.
    3. To relocate rehabilitated animals into suitable permanent homes, or in the case of wildlife, to release the rehabilitated animals into a suitable bushland environment.
    4. To maintain a skilled and specialised animal emergency rescue service for the South-Eastern suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs.
    5. To help other animal shelters by sharing volunteers, equipment, information and supplies whenever and wherever possible.
    6. To provide and maintain an education program based on the principles of animal welfare, in addition to a conservation program - both directed towards a variety of ages/groups.
    7. To develop a gift fund aimed specifically at raising money from gifts and donations in order to fund equipment, supplies and veterinary costs.
    8. To provide disaster relief throughout Australia as needed.

    By partnering with AAR, muve strives to support animal rescue work and provide better facilities to help the precious Australian wildlife.

  • Women and Children

    Support gender equality, fight against domestic violence and organisations supporting other causes related to Women and Children.

    We are proud to announce that we are partnered with White Ribbon Australia for this cause.

    ‘White Ribbon’ is the world's largest male-led movement to end men's violence against women. White Ribbon Australia, as part of this global movement, aims to create an Australian society in which all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse.

    In Australia one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner and one in three women over the age of 15 reports experiencing physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives (Virueda & Payne, 2010). Sadly, domestic and family violence is also the major cause of homelessness for women and their children (VicHealth, 2004; AIHW, 2008).

    White Ribbon is Australia's only national, male-led primary prevention organisation. The organisation works to examine the root causes of gender-based violence, challenge behaviours and create a cultural shift that leads us to a future without men’s violence against women.

    This is achieved through targeted education initiatives, awareness-raising, preventative programs, partnerships and creative campaigns.

    ~ White Ribbon Australian Organizational Bio ~

  • Mental Health

    Providing Australians with information and support to achieve the best possible mental health.

    Three million Australians are currently experiencing anxiety or depression. Every day, nearly eight people take their own lives.

    Because this affects all of us, beyondblue equips everyone in Australia with the knowledge and skills to protect their own mental health. They’re giving people the confidence to support those around them, and making anxiety, depression and suicide part of everyday conversations. As well as tackling stigma, prejudice and discrimination, they’re breaking down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up and reaching out.

    Beyondblue is here for everyone in Australia – at work, home, school, university, online, and in communities across the country. If you or someone you know needs support, visit or call 1300 22 4636.